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Celebrity smile and the used lenses

Celebrity smile and the used lenses

We always see celebrities on social media and wonder how they acquired a beautiful smile. Some of them originally have beautiful teeth. However, most celebrities, athletes and even politicians have required the service of a cosmetic dentist.


What’s a Hollywood smile?

This is a dental cosmetic procedure in which veneers or crowns are attached to the front teeth in case they are broken, crooked or misshaped. Veneers are replaced to improve a smile, creating a perfect set of teeth as often seen on Hollywood celebrities.


What’s the purpose of the application of veneers?

Like many other cosmetic procedures, the purpose of the Hollywood smile is to improve the appearance and color of the front teeth to appear more beautiful when smiling, which contributes to improving and increasing one’s facial beauty and self confidence when talking or smiling.


Types of lenses

There are three types of lenses: veneers, Lumineers and empress. Each one is distinct in terms of quality, composition and cost. The ultimate choice belongs to the dentist who chooses the appropriate course of treatment based on the clients needs.



Veneers are the most commonly used shells in the Arab world. They give satisfactory results in terms of the tone of whiteness that each one likes. The veneer is made of porcelain or processed plastic. It is very thin; as thin as a piece of paper or a contact lens, equivalent to 0.4 at most. They are applied on the surface of the tooth with cement and ultraviolet light and there is no need for removal of enamel. Additionally, there is no need to numb the patient as the application of veneers is pain free unless there are buck teeth. The dentist completely treats decayed teeth before applying veneers.



Veneers are of high quality and durability, which make them appear incredibly natural. Furthermore, gum tissue tolerates porcelain veneers well. Veneers are applied to teeth quickly – they need approximately two visits to the clinic. The dentist takes impressions of the teeth to send to a lab where veneers will be manufactured. The special glue or cement used is of high quality and lasts for more than 10 years without causing any problems for the patient.



There are no fundamental defects in the application of veneers. In some cases, the color of veneers may slightly change over time due to the patient’s eating and drinking habits that lead to the discoloration of teeth. However, this change is difficult to notice as veneers are very white. Additionally, teeth do not match the patient’s skin. It seems to be a vast difference between the skin’s color and the tooth’s color. Consequently, the aesthetic color of the face should be taken into account during the initial consultation. Veneers tend to be very expensive. The average price is $350 – $500 for each piece.



Lumineers are very similar to veneers. They have the same properties. Lumineers need some adjustments to make teeth look naturally whiter. They are preferred by a lot of celebrities as they improve the beauty of the teeth. With Lumineers, one can get teeth as white as snow and the desired Hollywood smile, especially for women who would like to appear like celebrities. The dentist needs only to add phosphoric acid to the tooth from the outside and attach Lumineers to the tooth without causing any damage.



  • Lumineers need regular dental care.
  • They are more expensive than veneers. One Lumineers can range between $400 and $600.
  • They need preparation up to a week before they are placed.
  • If Lumineers are broken, it is difficult to fix them again. Another new Lumineers should be placed.

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This is the first invented layer. Dentists usually use it to cap the teeth as a better alternative to treating molars with the old traditional methods.



  • It improves the appearance of molars which results in a colour consistency for molars and teeth.
  • It is durable and hard to remove.
  • Empress is a very thin material and doesn’t need enamel shaving.
  • The application is easy and It needs two or three dental visits.
  • It is a pain free procedure.
  • A cost effective and cheaper option compared to other layers.



  • In some cases, it can cause some inflammation of the gums and the prominence of the front jaw, but they disappear over time. 
  • It is no longer popular in dental centers after the development of other types of dental layers for the stock, also it’s not recommended by dentists.


Steps to obtain the perfect Hollywood smile:

You need up to three visits to the dentist to obtain the perfect Hollywood smile:

The first step is to have a check-up, consultation and create a treatment plan. The dentist examines the tooth to make sure that layers fit the patient. They will also explain the mechanism that will be adopted.

The next step is to prepare for the Hollywood smile. The dentist will remove 0.5 of enamel from the tooth, which is approximately as thick as the layer that will be placed on the tooth.

The dentist takes impressions of your teeth to send to a lab where veneers will be manufactured. This procedure takes 5 – 6 days.

The third and final visit is to test the Hollywood smile on the patient’s teeth to check the color and size of shells. If not suitable, then shells are refined to fit teeth. Thereafter, teeth are cleaned and shells are bonded to the teeth by dental cement. In the next step, the dentist directs special light waves onto the tooth to fix shells. The dentist may ask the patient to come back after several weeks to check the gums and to ensure they are in the right position.


Dental shells are a revolution in aesthetic dentistry. Although they are expensive, they are the preferred option for many as they protect enamel. However, we advise not to use them, especially patients with chronic diseases, unless they are recommended by the dentist. The dentist determines the right way of treatment for the patient.


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