Diva Clinic has started its journey as a center specialized in medical tourism with the launch of the tourist traffic in Istanbul for several years. Moreover, it has experimental and scientific experience, making it one of the best centers in Istanbul.




  • Therapeutic, operative and aesthetic dentistry services.
  • Tooth implantation, Hollywood smile, orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening, double jaw surgery and subgingival curettage.


  • Hair transplantation using the best available technology.


All Diva Clinic doctors and facilities are authorized by the Ministry of Health in Turkey and pursuant to the WHO and the EU.


Why would I choose Diva Clinic?


Choosing between clinics and medical centers in Istanbul has become the most difficult step for people interested in treatment access, especially because of the similarity of logistical services.


Diva Clinic provides distinguished services such as airport pick-up, hotel reservation and transfers required for the medical procedures.


Diva Clinic has a deep interest, with high credibility, in clarifying all matters related to the medical procedures without hiding any information from you. This is to ensure that you have a correct view and your choice is with deep conviction. This is resulted from our strong belief that your choice is your health.