To make your journey easier, Diva Clinic offer you all the necessary logistical services to complete your trip smoothly:

Reception and farewell to the airport:

The logistics team will be waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival time, We will make sure not to waste your time waiting at the airport so you will be informed of reception instructions one day before your arrival, also we will make sure to bring you to the airport when you leave in a timely manner

All transportation necessary to complete the treatment:

The logistical services teams at Diva Clinic will accompany you throughout your stay to ensure the necessary transportation to complete the treatment between the hospital and the hotel during the period of the treatment sessions and the necessary post-op reviews until the end of the review sessions with the doctor.

Hotel reservation:

Because we at Diva Clinic are keen to secure a comfortable hotel stay for you, so the logistics team will make sure your that the hotel fully meets your requirements in terms of comfort and tranquility, and we will make sure that the hotel is in a suitable area in terms of its proximity to the hospital and its location in Istanbul, allowing you to enjoy the sights and visit large shopping centers.

Direct translation with the doctors:

We will also provide you with a direct medical translation service during your stay in the hospital during treatment or reviews by a specialized medical translator to ensure that the intended idea by you reaches the doctor properly and vice versa, and also to ensure the accuracy of translation when there are diseases or special instructions that medical matters must be imposed on the doctor Or the patient following certain things that cannot be dispensed with.