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The necessity of regular visits to the dentist

The necessity of regular visits to the dentist

Regular dental visits

Advances in dentistry throughout history have provided people with several important benefits, including:

  • Avoidance of pain and tooth loss
  • No longer do we have to refrain from certain foods due to difficulty chewing 
  • Treating gum and oral diseases that were previously diagnosed in late stages, making patients vulnerable to more diseases due to negligence and maltreatment.

“Prevention is better than cure” is highly accurate in dental hygiene and should be taken seriously.

Why are regular dental visits so important?

Regular dental visits are essential since dental problems do not appear by accident. Rather, they take a long time to develop in a patient. Dentists are the only experts who are able to correctly diagnose and address dental issues.  Therefore, care and attention must be maintained to protect the teeth and gums.

Teeth are covered by a hard layer (enamel) which protects internal layers of each tooth. Therefore, everyone must have regular check-ups to make sure that teeth and enamel remain healthy. 

Teeth are also surrounded by gums (gingiva) on both jaws and can be affected by diseases such as inflammatory abscesses, if neglected. Consequently, advanced procedures are required to restructure the bone of the jaws. Teeth and gums are also susceptible to many diseases which we only feel after they deteriorate. This results in having bad breath and other more severe diseases. These can all be avoided by simply visiting the dentist on a regular basis. 

Some oral diseases can be treated easily with early diagnosis. It would be wrong to wait for these problems to be noticed by oneself. The dentist has abundant experience to diagnose the diseases of the teeth and gums and prescribe the appropriate treatment for such conditions. 

Furthermore, the dentist has adequate experience to determine the right treatment for each type of teeth, for example, using a certain type of toothbrush and toothpaste as well as the correct methods to use them. All in all, the expert is the only one who can make preventive recommendations to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Common dental problems:

  • Virus or bacterial infection of the teeth
  • A cracked, chipped tooth or deteriorated sensation due to chewing hard foods or a collision.
  • Neglecting the gum hygiene which causes gum damage and inflammation
  • Sugary foods and candy are the primary cause of tooth decay. It is highly recommended to reduce these food types and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Some genetic causes play an important role in dental health
  • The deficiency of calcium and certain minerals leads to early tooth loss and cracked teeth.

Patients with chronic diseases, especially those who suffer from obesity, are most susceptible to dental gum diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to have regular check-ups.

In conclusion, adhering to a healthy diet, regular visits to the dentist, and maintaining oral hygiene will prevent substantial pain and discomfort and save you ample time and money. Your choice is your health.


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