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Hair transplantation cost in Turkey

Hair transplantation cost in Turkey

all people who tend to have a hair transplant in Turkey the following question come to their minds:

How much does hair transplantation cost in Turkey?

The cost of hair transplantation varies in Turkey and around the world depending on many factors, most importantly, the technique to be used.

The technique being used plays a vital role in determining the cost of hair transplantation. Furthermore, it’s commonly known that each technique is suitable for a certain case. Therefore, one technique can’t be used for all cases. For example, the sapphire blade, which is used in the sapphire hair transplantation technique, is used only once. The cost of one sapphire blade is $85. On the other hand, nearly 7-9 Choi pens are used in the Choi pens hair transplantation technique. The cost of one pen is 18-19 USD, whereas the cost of the tip (blade) of the micromotor device, that is used in DHI, is $5-$7. Moreover, 6-9 blades are used During the extraction process, based on the number of hair follicles. Therefore, according to the technique to be used, the cost varies considerably from one to another.

The number of sessions is another factor that contributes to determining the cost of hair transplants. The number of grafts the patient needs to get the desired result can take more than one session. Therefore, the procedure is divided into several sessions which makes a clear difference in the cost.

The surgeon’s expertise: The surgeon’s expertise can be considered the core of hair transplantation. No matter how medical supplies are developed or the advanced science that Facilitates the work of the medical team Coma the human hand was and will remain the key factor in hair transplantation. Moreover, the expertise of the surgeon determines categorically the cost of the hair transplantation. Not equal are the junior doctor and senior doctor to the subtle details related to the aesthetics of the transplanted hair and the success of the surgery.

Overall, the cost of the hair transplant ranges between $1400 and $2000. Certainly, we, at Diva Clinic, do offers and discounts throughout the year. Any discounts are offered or any technique is chosen, Maintaining the quality of the treatment is the key factor for developing an excellent reputation and achieving outstanding results that attract more customers to have hair transplantation in our hair transplant hospital in Istanbul.


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